Orchestra of Dogs

by Muzzy

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it was a strange three years

eugene, oregon

this is MIF308


released October 2, 2015

charlotte grace muzzi - all voices and dreams
michael timothy mcdermit - all instruments and recording




Muzzy Eugene, Oregon

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Track Name: Postlapsarian (Good Night, Sweet Hubble)
poor little rabbit
noble and brave
you don't have to be so strong
it's okay to be afraid

little rabbit close your eyes
we think of you here
is it lonely where you are?
you must be so cold

sun has gone down
getting darker
all the stars out
this is home now
Track Name: Cruisin' for a Bruisin' of the Heart
spring morning
out walking
all the trees explode in flower
sweet against the sky
birds are singing
their love songs
but since my baby left me
I've forgotten how to cry

spring breezes
grass jewell green
existence will not mourn us
though we all expect it to
but my heart's foolish
and breaking
and stubbornly insisting
that it's meant to be with you

took my books
our dog
the car
i'd give them all to you
if you'd only come home

all over
grief is the most mundane condition
derivative and vain
so i'm lonesome
who isn't?
and all there is to learn from love
is how to start again
Track Name: An Outward Physical Sign of an Inward Moral Decay
sunday best
the papal address
release the dove
to fly above
the waiting crowd below

hordes in distress
wait to be blessed
behold the crow
who ruins the show
the dove is torn to shreds

dark versus bright
void versus light
song is unsung
peace comes to no one

eyes lifted up
prayers turn to dust
they came for absolution
their devotion was undone

song is unsung
song is unsung
Track Name: Home Is So Sad
19 hours on the road
packed the car with everything i own
on the coast

small against the sea, the sky
waves dissolve in foam on shore

i'm not in love

no roads go home
Track Name: Soggy Cornflakes or: Upon Which the Child's Inner Light Goes Dim
sidewalk chalk marks
blurred out hop scotch
soggy cornflakes
understand me

paper mill like sour milk
it knocks the wind right out of my chest
going past the school yard
going past the city edge
between the rusted shells of cars
windshields are shattered
glitter under hazy sun
old metal bears saw teeth

here i don't need anyone